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What will you learn?

Neish specialises in the experience of being a leader. You will learn from 30 years of applying these psychologies and philosophies to real leadership challenges. Through personal application, you will get better at:

Self Awareness

Self-analysis, using inspiring theories, that integrates more of your character and enlarges your perception to be more inclusive.

Emotional Intelligence

Engaging with emotions by knowing their nature and purpose, so that you can remain optimally aroused and engage with emotions in others.

Team Dynamics

Understanding the dynamic forces in groups and communicating for greater cohesion and improved team performance.

Organisational Behaviour

Practicing how to think together in a way that capitalises on organisational knowledge and responds collectively to change.


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Jim’s leadership development, change programmes and coaching are, quite simply, the very best I’ve come across. Every interaction with Jim brings an unusually rich blend of deep wisdom, psychological insight, professionalism and, above all, human warmth and connection. There is no coach or leadership consultant that I could recommend more highly.

Patrick Boland

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Writer and Psychotherapist to dig beneath the veneer and really get to the heart of inter-human dynamics and unlock greater sustained performance... helped bring psychology alive for me in a very practical sense where I have been able to see the positive results unfold over the last few years.

Justin Adams

Executive Director, TFA, World Economic Forum

...cannot recommend highly enough the benefits to be gained from tapping into his expertise and from his direct coaching.

Sarah Bellis, FEI

Director, GMS Assets

... a tremendous ability to understand what makes us tick and how the team dynamic works.. pretty unique if you want to understand what motivates or demotivates people, or you believe in creating supportive and productive teams... good fun too!

Tony Fountain

Executive Chairman, Nayara Energy

...depth of experience, openness, intuition, curiosity and his love of life with all its quirkiness means he gets one (not even the die-hard cynic) is left untouched by Jim's magic, he lives up to the hype.

Tessa Marwick

Strategic eCommerce Manager, Elsevier

...simply the best in his field. If you are seeking tangible and long lasting business impact through individual and team development interventions, or significant organisation change, you will not find anyone better.

Mark Powell

Chief People Officer, RAC

...ground-breaking knowledge, unique personal style and understanding of life and leadership in a commercial world...interventions are wholly transformational. An outstanding personal coach, a remarkable leadership expert and astute business advisor... brings the broadest business psychology coupled with a smart head for what each business needs. First rate in the business world.

Vanessa Corley-Powell

Chief Talent Officer, Vashi

...quite simply the Leader in his field. He is a rare breed that in that he is deeply versed on all matters Leadership but also brings a sharp commercial understanding. Over the years I've met many leadership practitioners. Jim is quite simply without equal.

Martyn Phillips, MBE

CEO, Welsh Rugby Union

...a real expert in the field of leadership psychology. The models and concepts Jim uses are meaningful every day in how we now operate.

Robin Pring

SVP, Global Talent, Leadership and OD, Adidas

...very perceptive, pragmatic and deep deep expertise.

Clive Christison

SVP, Fuel Supply and Midstream, BP

...he has an ability to get across some very complex messages and land them with relevance. His manner and style are awesome... very perceptive, intuitive and he has an amazing ability to read people, understand their principles and help them to work out how to go about maximising their leadership potential.

Kay Owen

Senior Consultant, BIS Henderson Consulting

Jim's ideas are both simple and complex...providing practical insight into human behaviour and how it impacts the team dynamic. His work opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking...

Haydn Thomas

Chief Commercial Officer, Cornerstone Finance

Perceptive, informative and, quite frankly, inspirational...changed the way I think about things and how I approach challenges and opportunities.

Gary Kibble

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Wickes

...a pleasurable and revolutionary journey... takes you to places you didn't even know existed... he understand who you are and what lies behind the outer you with ease, professionalism and honesty...true talent.

Ewa Boxall

L&D Manager at Dominos Pizza Group Ltd

...extremely knowledgeable but able to present the subjects in an easy to grasp and accessible way....sense of humour is excellent and helps make the learning journey a very enjoyable one, especially when some of the topics could otherwise feel uncomfortable.

Rhid Tinkler

CIO, Trading Functions and Shipping, BP the top of his game...consistently delivers, producing better leaders, and tighter, more trusting, more effective teams... exceptional (frequently uncanny) insight into people, born of deep knowledge and a razor-sharp intellect...and he can be trusted...

Alex Baldock

CEO, Currys plc expert in the psychology of leadership. I have seen the results of his work in transforming individuals and leadership teams, taking them to a new level.

Sharon Morse

Executive and Leadership Coach

His personal brand of academia, hands on business experience and cheeky wit results in a truly inspirational journey for all involved.

Edward Tucker

Head of Retail Strategy, Post office Ltd, UK

...his content is engaging, provoking and importantly useful! Our organisation will be in a better place after his work.

Greg Pateras


Jim is able to provide a highly effective combination of personal and inspirational leadership and management coaching founded on a detailed and comprehensive range of social, psychological and scientific data in the field. His work is world-class.

Serena Jones, VP Integrated Systems, Aker Solutions

Jim is a master of transformation from the individual to the organisation. Engage Jim and change is guaranteed.

Richard Boele

Partner and Head of Global Business and Human Rights Network, KPMG.

<p>Patrick Boland</p>, <p>Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Writer and Psychotherapist</p>
<p>Justin Adams</p>, <p>Executive Director, TFA, World Economic Forum</p>
<p>Sarah Bellis, FEI</p>, <p>Director, GMS Assets</p>
<p>Tony Fountain</p>, <p>Executive Chairman, Nayara Energy</p>
<p>Tessa Marwick</p>, <p>Strategic eCommerce Manager, Elsevier</p>
<p>Mark Powell</p>, <p>Chief People Officer, RAC</p>
<p>Vanessa Corley-Powell</p>, <p>Chief Talent Officer, Vashi</p>
<p>Martyn Phillips, MBE</p>, <p>CEO, Welsh Rugby Union</p>
<p>Robin Pring</p>, <p>SVP, Global Talent, Leadership and OD, Adidas</p>
<p>Clive Christison</p>, <p>SVP, Fuel Supply and Midstream, BP</p><br/>
<p>Kay Owen</p>, <p>Senior Consultant, BIS Henderson Consulting</p>
<p>Haydn Thomas</p>, <p>Chief Commercial Officer, Cornerstone Finance</p>
<p>Gary Kibble</p>, <p>Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Wickes</p>
<p>Ewa Boxall</p>, <p>L&amp;D Manager at Dominos Pizza Group Ltd</p>
<p>Rhid Tinkler</p>, <p>CIO, Trading Functions and Shipping, BP</p>
<p>Alex Baldock</p>, <p>CEO, Currys plc</p>
<p>Sharon Morse</p>, <p>Executive and Leadership Coach</p>
<p>Edward Tucker</p>, <p>Head of Retail Strategy, Post office Ltd, UK</p>
<p>Greg Pateras</p>, <p>CEO,</p>
<p>Serena Jones, VP Integrated Systems, Aker Solutions</p>, <br/>
<p>Richard Boele</p>, <p>Partner and Head of Global Business and Human Rights Network, KPMG.</p>